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About Arete Innovative Solutions, LLC.

Arete Innovative Solutions, LLC. is an additive manufacturing/3D printing company specializing in innovative and comprehensive metal additive manufacturing solutions. Through design engineering, education, prototype production and rapid part development, Arete Innovative Solutions provides the expert guidance that builds success.

Grown from the Cincinnati, Ohio region, the cradle of additive manufacturing, Arete is a leader in the AM industry that delivers the expertise to drive results.

Arete believes in extending the conventional boundaries to unlock a project’s potential with a day-one approach to planning that takes advantage of the newest technology in additive manufacturing. With extensive additive experience and access to the industry’s top additive manufacturing specialists, Arete provides critical insights and the expert knowledge that endures well beyond the life of the project.

Breaking News:

Arete Innovative Solutions and Sigma Labs Sign Joint Venture Agreement

To be called Arete-Sigma LLC, the JV will see the companies join forces in an effort they say will make them providers of a comprehensive metal solution for the additive manufacturing market.

Additive Manufacturing Industry Focus

Additive manufacturing supports a wide range of industries and powder metals for application.
Arete has the leadership, skills and experience to offer effective solutions to R&D professionals, design engineers and project managers.

Specific industry focus includes:

Medical | Automotive | Oil & Gas | Tooling | Luxury Goods


Founder and President

Bill Herman
Bill Herman is the President
at Arete Innovative Solutions, LLC.

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, in addition to a strong quality background in traditional manufacturing, Bill has extensive experience in the metal additive manufacturing/3D printing industry with specialized expertise managing additive development and lean manufacturing for companies in the aerospace, medical, automotive and energy sectors. His professional experience includes Section Manager at GE Aviation and Vice President of Operations at Morris Technologies.

Bill can be reached at

Visit the Arete Innovative Solutions Linkedin profile for more information.

The Origin of “Arete”

From the period of 500 BC to 200 BC, The Greeks enjoyed an unprecedented age of innovation in language, arts, literature, medicine and philosophy. There is no period in the history of the world where, on a per-capita basis, there was more intense innovation. Arête, known in Latin and English as virtue, was a pivotal value in ancient Greece that enabled higher order teamwork, intellectual interaction, and co-creativity to take place.

Arete Innovative Solutions, LLC takes its inspiration from this historic core value of the ancient Greeks to offer leadership insights and innovation for the additive manufacturing industry.


Arete Innovative Solutions, LLC is pleased to announce the release of a new white paper entitled Understanding Additive Metal Manufacturing in 3D Printing. The emergence of 3D printing as a growing force in manufacturing has created a demand for knowledge and leadership in the industry.

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